The C2D1 Haunting

In early the early 1990’s, William J. Edwards, of CITA Productions, was shown a copy of the now famous C2D1 skeletal ghost photograph by early haunting investigator, Alan Lewis. Lewis submitted the photograph to The Ghost Research Society for analysis. Quoting the society, “This is only one of a handful of such images where no figure shows up but only the skeleton! The ribs, spinal cord and pelvis can clearly be seen in this image! It was captured with a 35MM camera.”

The Skeletal Ghost Image (1985)

The conviction with which Lewis spoke and the authenticity of the photograph, well before the days of digital editing, convinced Edwards that something did occur at SUNY Geneseo and required further investigation, Fueled by his interest in the paranormal, exploring the mystery of the C2D1 Haunting and its related threads became his passion. Decades later, this led to the eventual production of the the film, “Please, talk with me” and publishing the book, The C2D1 Haunting. by Tim Shaw.

The C2D1 Haunting
by Tim Shaw

Author and Ordained Spiritualist Minister Tim Shaw takes a detailed look at the legendary C2D1 haunting and shares the many horrifying experiences endured by the key witnesses.

The C2D1 Haunting is now available on
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Note: This edition is a refresh update to the first edition (Please Talk With Me – 2012). The text is largely the same with some alternate photographs and an update to “The Survivors” section.
Key Witness, Christopher Di Cesare, has extensive details about the haunting at